Boston, MA - This past Sunday, June 24th, at around 9:30 P.M., a 33-year-old man was robbed after parking his car in the alley behind his residence.

Located on East Springfield Street, in the South End of Boston, is where the man lived. His attacker, Mark Mazzone, approached him the second he closed his car door. Mazzone, shouting and asking for money from the man, held a hypodermic needle in one hand.

In an attempt to get the man’s money quicker, Mazzone told his victim that he had HIV, and that if the money was not given to him immediately, he would stab him either in the neck or the face with the infected needle.

Almost immediately, $250 was handed to Mazzone. As Mazzone ran off towards Harrison Avenue, the victim caught side of where he was headed, and instantly called the police. They found the robber in the area of Southampton Street.

Once Mazzone was in custody, the police searched his pockets and found more capped needles in his left pants pockets. The uncapped needle that he was threatening victims with was found in his right pocket. Mazzone claimed he had gotten these needles earlier in the day at the Boston Medical Center, when he went to the Center with his girlfriend.
Mazzone will be returning to court on July 6th to settle the matter. He is being charged with Armed Robbery, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Threats.

Armed Robbery is a serious crime. The victim was only coming home when he was attacked. Police officials say that the alley in which the man parked his car is known to have several homeless men and women lurk about. However, the victim did not expect to be cornered the moment he exited his car, to be threated with a needle, and to be asked for all of his money. Luckily, the victim payed close attention to his attacker and regained all of his money back.

Be careful in alley ways located in surrounding areas. Remember, you don’t want to come into contact with a hypothermic needle at any cost.