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Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting at Car with Child Inside; Incident Occurred near Autozone in Somerville

Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting at Car with Child Inside; Incident Occurred near Autozone in Somerville

Somerville, MA - William Freeman-Benjamin, a 27-year-old male currently residing in Leominster, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after allegedly shooting at a car with a child in it.

When the story was first released to the public, the charges stated that Freeman-Benjamin had supposedly kidnapped a woman and her child. This information was later corrected by police officials. According to updated reports, charges have yet to be officially made and if any were to come, the Somerville Police Department would be the ones to charge him.

On Wednesday afternoon at approximately 12:00 P.M., the woman involved in the incident found a police officer and repeated the story of what had just happened. According to her, Freeman-Benjamin had allegedly fired his gun at his significant others’ car while the victim and her child were both in the car. Reports stated that Freeman-Benjamin’s car, and the woman involved in the incident’s car, both were near Autozone located on McGrath Highway and Washington Street at the time. Somerville Police Chief David Fallon seems to think this was only a coincidence and not a scheduled meet-up for the two persons. Fallon went on to state that the victim claimed Freeman-Benjamin had followed her car down the street and fired in the direction of her car. The motive has not yet been made clear as to why he shot at the car.

Once reports were received of Benjamin-Freeman driving a 2017 Hyundai Sonata, the police began patrolling the surrounding areas in hopes of catching the man allegedly at fault. A state trooper found the man approximately 20 minutes later, on Interstate 93 in the area of Savin Hill Avenue in Dorchester. Benjamin-Freeman was then taken to the police barracks located in South Boston, to where the Somerville Police arrived around 1:30 P.M. to bring him back to their station. It is unclear if Freeman-Benjamin has an attorney.

The woman involved was also taken to the state police barracks, yet in a separate police car. She had spoken to detectives in the ride over and was afterward evaluated by emergency medical personnel.

Court dates and charges have not been released to the public yet.