Somerville, MA - A citizen from Arlington recently told police that he spotted a man urinating on American flags at the Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery. Police are now looking for this person of interest.

This past Monday, September 10, 2018, a man was spotted urinating on the American flags at several gravesites. George Gatteny came forward to provide a statement for the police regarding the incident. According to Gatteny, who was stopped behind a bus on Broadway near Clarendon Station, two people were standing near a memorial statue in the cemetery when one of the two started urinating on four miniature American flags. The flags were not standing upright according to Gatteny. Gatteny told 7News that the man unzipped his pants, took himself out in broad daylight, and started urinating.

Gatteny was not happy with what he saw and he decided to do something about it. Gatteny stepped out of his car to confront the man. In response to his confrontation, the man laughed in his face and walked away with the other person.

Gatteny was outraged by the incident and decided to share images on social media of the flags that were urinated on. Additionally, he took pictures of the vandalized statue that the man and woman were standing by when he caught sight of the incident.

Since the post has gone live, it has received an outstanding amount of views and comments.

Somerville Police Department has since then confirmed that they are looking into the situation that took place on Monday. They are also looking into identifying the person allegedly accused of doing such an upsetting thing. There is now a picture of the man in question up for surrounding citizens to see.

If anyone knows who the man in question is, they are encouraged to call the police at 617-625-1600.

A Good Samaritan has stopped by the cemetery since the incident to replace all of the flags that were taken out of the ground. Al Haley, the man responsible for replacing the flags, stated, “I love this country.”

The investigation is still ongoing.