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Man Accused of Beating Girlfriend’s Dog to Death in Everett

Man Accused of Beating Girlfriend’s Dog to Death in Everett

Everett, MA - A man accused of beating his girlfriend’s dog to death showed up in Malden District Court this past Tuesday, where he faced animal cruelty charges.

Steven Severino, age 31, beat his girlfriend’s dog this past Monday, on Labor Day. Severino broke the small dog’s jaw initially but went on further to give the dog several other injuries, according to the Everett Police Department. Sources say the dog’s name was Cocoa.

On Tuesday, prosecutors stated that several neighbors came forward to state that they had heard the dog yelping for quite some time. In addition, some of the neighbors stated that they had heard the dog being thrown up against something, quite possibly a structure in or around the house. The dog was beaten to death on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, and died this morning, Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

After showing up in Malden District Court on Tuesday, Severino posted his $150 bail. The court ordered him to not interact with any animal(s) unless under supervision.

The small dog’s autopsy is scheduled at some point later this week. The medical personnel responsible for the autopsy will then determine the root cause of the dog’s death. No further details have been released about this part of the investigation as of yet.

The mayor of Everett, Carlo DeMaria, came forward in a statement regarding Severino’s case. He stated that he was extremely shocked and saddened to hear about the death of this small dog. In addition, DeMaria stated that dogs love humans unconditionally and that this series of events should have never unfolded. Going forward, the city of Everett will not tolerate such behavior to any animal. Those who do hurt animals in the future will be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” according to Mayor DeMaria.

Police have no assumptions regarding the dog’s death. Officials are unaware if there was a fight between the girlfriend and boyfriend. Officials are also unaware of what triggered Severino to act out against the dog.

Severino is said to appear in court regarding the case again in November.