BOSTON - When it comes to Christmas time in 2019, it seems like every possible tradition you might've held near and dear to your family and your memories has been commodified and turned into a major, must-attend event.

Ugly Christmas sweater parties started out as a niche for people to attend a themed event with a low-effort, low-cost outfit. Now, ugly Christmas sweaters are everywhere. You can even buy them at Target. They are made to be ugly to sell more to people at Christmas time.

Now, on the one hand, this can obviously be viewed as a bad thing because it shows that nothing is sacred and everything is a cog in a machine of commercialism. On the other hand, for those of us who love all things Christmas, it just serves the function of giving us more opportunities to share the love of the season with others.

As such, the tradition of building gingerbread houses has also been taken to the next level. And thanks to a guide assembled by Erin Kuschner of, we can see how many chances there are to spend a night out building these houses whether you are with your friends or your family.

Gingerbread house construction has turned into an event that contains aspects like an open bar and a selection of live music and vintage holiday movies playing in the background. At least, this is true of the event last night at Fairmont Copley Plaza that saw adults get drunk to build their gingerbread houses. How has this influenced future events, though?

For one, the event held at Lincoln (December 16 and 18) also features a glass of wine and a holiday movie on the big screen in the cost of admission. (Of course, a gingerbread house kit is also included.) What could be a more fun way to spend the evening than that? These adult parties continue with locations at the Four Seasons (the most expensive option at $150 for a ticket) and Aeronaut Brewing Co. (the cheapest option, as it is free if you bring your own kit), among others.

And if you really feel in the spirit of the season, then the event at Eastern Standard is a great one. They are also working on a toy drive at the same time!

Image Wikimedia Commons