HARRINGTON - If you are a working lobsterman who is operating off the coast of the town of Harrington, Maine, there are probably a number of animals that you would expect to see in your expeditions. Obviously, lobsters would be the top contender. Fish would certainly be expected to be spotted during routine fishing trips into the Atlantic Ocean. But one particular animal that no one would expect to see while five miles off the coast of the state is a deer. And yet, a group of fishermen in Maine noticed a deer that had been swept out to sea earlier this week.

Ren Door, Shawn Dowling, and Jared Thaxter were conducting a standard day of work when they encountered something entirely unusual. A deer was swimming further and further out to sea and seemed to be struggling against the strong, rough waters that the ocean was experiencing that day. Maneuvering the boat closer to the deer, the three men were eventually able to hoist the deer into the boat, as reported by CNN.

One would expect a deer to begin acting chaotically when in an environment as unfamiliar as a boat, but according to the lobstermen, it recognized that they were trying to help and decided to relax in the corner instead. Presumably, the deer was quite tired and wanted to catch its breath.

After returning closer to the shore, the men used the boat's horn and length to coax the deer to land, rather than back out to sea. It opted to jump onto one of the sea's jetties instead of the beach, but the men were glad that "Herdinand Magellan," as Jared dubbed the deer, was no longer struggling against the water.

Apparently, while it is not unheard of to see a deer wading its way through somewhat shallow water, five miles off shore was far too deep for the deer to be and it was in imminent danger. Thank goodness the fishermen were nearby to allow this story to have a heartwarming and happy ending.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons