LONDONDERRY, VERMONT - Back at the end of January, on Friday the 24th, the state police of Vermont were called to Magic Mountain, a top destination for skiing in the great New England state of Vermont. They were called by a worker, Craig Moulton, at the Black Line Tavern, who was getting ready to go home when he saw a Range Rover driving up the slopes of Magic Mountain.

Police responded immediately, per CNN, and arrested the man who was charged with drunk driving up the Hocus Pocus trail of the mountain. He has since been identified as Frederick Brechter, a 59-year-old man from New York. Additionally, the police reported that this was not Brechter's only drunk driving charge. A court date has been set for St. Patrick's Day next month, March 17, per The Boston Herald.

At the time, the mountain was closed as it was 11 p.m. Obviously, no one would really be skiing on a professional mountain range at this time, which is quite fortunate. According to Moulton, Brechter was able to make it up hundreds of feet up the slope. It could have been really dangerous if he was drunk driving at a different time of day. The only danger he presented with his drunken stupidity was to himself, fortunately. Sobriety tests were promptly failed, as well, per the police.

This troubling and bizarre news comes just a day after Magic Mountain hosted its first "No Boundaries Free Day" yesterday, February 3. The point of the event was to allow for anyone who became a member with the ski lodge of Magic Mountain to have a day of free skiing on the mountain, as well as raffles and a live music celebration. It is definitely good timing for a day of positivity and free skiing to come after news that might otherwise have steered people away from the slopes. Don't drive drunk up ski lifts, kids. Instead, just ski down them normally because if you play your cards right, you will probably find a way to end up with a day of freeskiing.

Image via Wikimedia Commons