Norfolk, MA - A Massachusetts correctional officer was arrested this past Monday, November 19, 2018, due to his part in a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the inmates, according to federal officials.

Steven Frazer of Rhode Island, age 29, has been charged with one count of conspiracy to possess drugs with the intent to distribute them. This was confirmed in a statement provided by Attorney Andrew Lelling.

The conspiracy started to take place approximately one week ago at the MCI-Norfolk prison. Lelling stated that Frazer was working with a witness to smuggle Suboxone into the prison, in which the controlled substance was then sold to inmates through Frazer. Though Suboxone was created to help addicts stray away from the illegal drug known as heroin, it’s often used in different scenarios. For many inmates, Suboxone has been used to simply get high, not to help their addiction. Typically, the drug is deeply desired amongst inmates in prisons throughout New England, and it’s often treated as a ‘treat’ that is illegally snuck into the prisons.

On Sunday, November 18, 2018, Frazer met up with the witness in a parking lot located in South Attleboro. The two exchanged Suboxone packages, along with another synthetic cannabinoid at this time. The two did not know that the entire transaction was being recorded by investigators, though. Lelling’s office confirmed this information.

According to the Lelling’s office, being charged with this act of conspiracy comes with certain consequences. Such consequences can include up to 10 years in federal prison, 3 additional years of supervision, and an approximate $500,000 fine granted by the court.

As of now, the verdict has not been settled. Frazer has not yet faced his sentence and does not yet know the years he will have to serve in prison, nor does he know any further consequences of his actions.

Other persons in the court case have not received sentencing. It is still unknown as to how much Suboxone was smuggled into the prison if any at all. Many details have yet to be released to the public.