If the Seaport District seems like a perpetually revolving door of openings and closings, that’s likely because it is. The past 12 months alone have seen the closing of no less than eight various restaurants and bars (some with a lifespan of a little more than six months) while new entities seem to crop up every other week. Which is all the more impressive when you stop to think that “Boston’s Newest Oldest Neighborhood” is really nothing more than an open air mall complex, albeit one with a better view.

Still, you’d imagine that with the much heralded brewery expansion of 2019 threatening to turn Boston into this year’s Portland, the Seaport would be bustling with tap rooms offering you everything from IPAs to… a variation on IPAs. But no, there’s only two: the venerable Harpoon and the smaller, somewhat more controversial Trillium. And filling the void? Lord Hobo Brewing has just announced they plan on opening up a sister tap room on the waterfront at the cost of an estimated $8 million.

“That will be one of the largest restaurants in the city,” Lord Hobo president Daniel Lanigan told Brewbound. “800 seats in the summertime and maybe the largest patio in the city of Boston with 400 seats.” It's a fairly impressive boast considering that Lord Hobo started life as a student-oriented bar in Kendall Square just a few short years ago.

Nor is it the only planned expansion for the four-year old brewery. They recently announced additional operating space at their Woburn headquarters and a potential tap room in Manhattan. This comes directly on Langan’s claims that Lord Hobo’s 617 IPA is the second best-selling beer at Fenway Park and the official beer of the Encore Boston Harbor Casino.

“We’re on fire this year,” Lanigan continued, noting that the company is close to fulfilling its goal of selling 50,000 barrels of beer by the end of 2019. “We’re crushing it right now. We just made some moves to the team.”

On fire. “Crushing” it. Coming from a grown man who looks like a former roadie from Armored Saint, it now makes sense why you were trying to give away that uh.. majorly rad ‘79 Trans Am Firebird in a sweepstakes promotion earlier this year, Danny. Perfect sense.