To start with the positive—there are a ton of improvement projects underway at the MBTA. That said, until these projects are complete, many commuters are feeling the pain while their local stations are under construction. Quincy has several stations undergoing renovations, and commuters were frustrated this week by the reduced number of parking spaces.

CBS Boston reported on a temporary reduction in parking spaces as a result of construction at North Quincy Station. On Monday February 18, MBTA officials closed off approximately half of the parking spots, leaving only 600 parking spots out of 1200.

The area that is currently closed off will become a multi-use facility. The facility will include luxury apartments along with a parking garage containing the same amount of parking spots as the lot previously had.

Though the construction project will ultimately be a boost to the local economy, right now regular riders are struggling with the morning commute. Steven Lee, a regular rider at the North Quincy Station, told WBZ that he has to arrive at the station between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. to get a parking spot. Marissa Simons, another rider, added that unreliable trains make it difficult to know if you’ll be on time to work or not.

Some commuters said that the MBTA officials did a poor job of communicating the construction plans in advance. Lots of unhappy people on Monday morning when they arrived to see half of the parking spots blocked off.

On Wednesday night, February 20, 2019, Quincy locals and commuters attended the MBTA meeting in Quincy. People complained about the blocked off parking spots and the shortage of parking in the neighborhood. Another issue raised was the MBTA’s proposal to increase fares starting in July 2019.

According to CBS Boston, the multi-use facility project at the North Quincy Station won’t finish for another 18 months.