Boston, MA - It’s been years since head Snappy Ramen chef Youji Iwakura announced plans to develop his first independent foray with Kamakura in the Financial District. Now, it looks like the wait may finally be over.

While the definitive opening date has yet to be disclosed, recent posts on the highly anticipated Japanese restaurant’s social media indicate that it may be as soon as a matter of weeks.

Iwakura—whose local history also includes stints at Brookline’s Ginza and Back Bay’s Uni—envisions Kamakura to offer something entirely distinct from both sashimi and the ramen dishes Snappy has become famous for. To this end, he envisions the traditional kaiseki dinner—the Japanese equivalent of western haute cuisine, consisting of multi-course dishes with ingredients meticulously prepared at the peak of freshness—combined with his own novel twist.

"(I want to offer) more than just sushi, teriyaki, tempura, or what people call traditional Japanese food," said Iwakura in 2016. "Representing the city and its innovative history, Kamakura brings renaissance to current Japanese cuisine in Boston and the New England area with a new niche, contemporary kaiseki. Here that is my ‘street food x kaiseki cuisine,' having fine dining food accessible and casual dining food sexier."

While kaiseki was initially developed for the enjoyment of Japan’s noble classes as far back as the sixteenth century, the concept is not a stranger to Boston. Both the South End’s Oishii and Downtown’s O Ya have offered similar small dish offerings for several years.

Early views of the restaurant reveal a top roof floor allowing plenty of natural light, as well as a lower interior of refurbished brick and wood. Hinted offerings include soy seasoned uni and cheese served with whipped ricotta and mascarpone and nori-battered tempura, alongside traditional Japanese cocktails and an extensive sake selection.

"It has been a big part of my culinary journey to realize the renaissance of Japanese cuisine in Boston," said Iwakura. "This time, for more!"

Kamakura will be located at 150 State St in Boston. Visit over the next few weeks for more information, opening dates and hours.