Boston, MA– Logan Airport has achieved the rank of number one most kid-friendly airport in the country, according to the travel website Upgraded Points. This is really good news if you consider yourself to be “a parent,” but it’s also good for everyone else passing through Logan, considering the impact that one loudly unhappy child can have on the surrounding environment.

As our nation's most kid-friendly airport, it’s clear that Logan understands family values, like the value of free entertainment and quiet children. Let’s break it down: what matters to a new parent when venturing into a public place with tiny human-like creatures?

For a baby-friendly experience, parents seek out places that are loud. If we go out to a restaurant with our small person in tow, we place a premium on high-ceilinged warehouse settings which tend to emit a baseline hum that easily absorbs tiny baby sounds. Logan Airport has many large spaces that offer this pleasant, low-rumbling background noise. My baby’s occasional shrieks just blend in with the ambiance, like a bird calling in the cacophony of the jungle.

But Logan Airport offers much more than a comfortably noisy setting. At Logan, breastfeeding mothers never have to pump in the bathroom (yuck). While nursing rooms are now standard at every airport (thanks to the 2018 Friendly Airports for Mother’s Act), Logan offers multiple nursing rooms post-security in Terminals A and B, as well as Mamava breastfeeding suites in Terminals C and E.

Rocking chairs are also strategically placed around the airport, so passengers with babies can rock their little ones into a peaceful slumber. All men’s and women’s restaurants have changing tables. And there are roomy family restrooms if you have a few kids in tow and need to change a diaper.

To help the feisty ones get all their energy out before they board the plane, Logan has airport-themed play areas (“kidports”) in three different terminals (A, B, and C). The airport also offers free Wifi, which is great for keeping older kids entertained while waiting at the gate.

My baby is young enough right now that the many wonders of the airport itself offer plenty of visual entertainment, but once he gets a bit older and we make the trek out to Chicago to see his cousins, I will be so grateful for the many kid-friendly offerings at Logan.

And a gentle call-out to all establishments, restaurants, etc: Please install a diaper changing station in every men’s room, if you haven’t already. So my husband can bond with his son.