Boston, MA - TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, has named Logan International Airport the airport of the year, and for many good reasons.

Logan International Airport has been recognized as airport of the year due to the following reasons:

-          Logan has had the shortest wait time to get through security, as an average, for the year of 2018

-          Logan has had the shortest wait time to get through security during the busy summertime flying season

-          Logan has been granted the nickname of the “innovation airport”

-          Logan has piloted a brand new security scanning system

Boston’s Transportation Security Administration has found a record high number of guns said the TSA. This is a general increase of approximately 35% from recent years.

The Transportation Security Administration over at Logan’s International Airport has approximately 1,500 employees working there. Those employees consist of the following:

-          Transportation Security Administration officers

-          Inspectors

-          Canine handlers

-          Explosive experts

-          Managers

-          Program analysts

In addition, there are other people that act as members of the TSA team together with the above-listed employees to ensure the safety and protection of the public people traveling.

Bob Allison, TSA’s federal security director for Massachusetts, stated in an interview, “The TSA officers (over at Logan International Airport) and the others who comprise our team demonstrate their commitment daily through their hard work, professionalism, and integrity.”

Massport gave a statement regarding Logan’s TSA, too. The statement mentioned that they have a great relationship and partnership with the TSA and it will remain that way, for the safety and efficiency of those flying out of the airport.

Logan International Airport is proud to state that the Transportation Safety Administration has voted them to be the airport of the year. Logan will continue to meet these standards, if not exceed these standards. Only the best is headed their way for the future.

To all workers who have made this possible, the public flyers would like to thank them. It’s a scary and respectable job to have, and without you, there would be more crime in our airports.