Boston, MA - City officials shut down a storage facility located on Massachusetts Avenue yesterday, due to local citizens living in the units, sources say.

Local citizens have been living in the storage units over at CubeSmart Self Storage for a mere few hundred dollars per week. According to city officials, the average cost of an actual apartment in Boston can cost up to thousands of dollars per month.

Many officials from the city of Boston, including the Inspection Services Department, the local police, the firefighters of the town, and the health department workers gathered together to visit the CubeSmart Self Storage in the South End yesterday afternoon. The reason for the visit, sources say, was to confirm that the reports they were receiving were true. Such reports stated that people were illegally sleeping in, and living in, the storage units at this location.
Though such reports were coming through to the police station, ISD spokeswoman Lisa

Timberlake told the Boston Herald that the manager of the establishment claimed this was not true. However, after police officers investigated the scene, they claimed that the units were, in fact being lived in. In a statement given by the police yesterday, officers claimed that some units even had curtains, coolers with food, and electric cords throughout the living quarters. Due to the unfortunate unsafe living conditions and the unsafe health conditions, police closed and vacated the CubeSmart Self Storage yesterday. The case is still under further investigation.

According to Timberlake, one of the residents living in one of the storage units showed her around her unit. The unit had curtains, a bed, and a loveseat. Another resident stated she has been paying $230/month to live in her unit.

Timberlake also told the Boston Herald that living in such quarters as this is illegal, due to the fact that the property is not designated for residential use. For example, the property has no bathroom facility, making living conditions unsafe and unsanitary.

After the initial investigation yesterday afternoon, the Boston Herald tried to get in touch with the CubeSmart Self Storage establishment, but their phone call was immediately disconnected. Another worker at the Storage company declined to comment and referred the Boston Herald to the company’s corporate headquarters, where no phone calls were even answered.