Many Around Boston Can't Afford Public Transportation.
A study by MassINC shows that many residents in gateway cities – medium-sized cities where average household income and education levels are below the state average – cannot realistically afford a T pass. The cost to commute to Boston from Fall River is $4,656 annually, which is 15% of the city's median household income. In Winchester, the annual cost for a T pass is only 2% of the median income. [WBUR]

Defense Attorney for Straight Pride Counter-Protesters Released After Being Held in Contempt.
Defense Attorney Susan Church has been released after being held in contempt of court by Judge Richard Sinnott. He ordered that Church be taken into custody after she read case law to him as part of her argument that he lacked the authority to reject the prosecution's decision to not prosecute. Church was detained for two hours. [WGBH]

Express Lanes Proposed As a Solution to Congestion on MA Highways.
A recent report by the Baker administration recommends tolled express lanes as a possible way to limit congestion on highways in Massachusetts. Some are concerned about the equity of people's access to these faster toll lanes. WBUR looks at how tolled express lanes have impacted traffic around Atlanta. [WBUR]

Ranked-Choice Voting Could Be a Ballot Question for 2020.
One of 12 initiative petitions certified by the State Attorney General's office to move forward for possible inclusion on the 2020 ballot, ranked-choice voting would allow Massachusetts voters to rank candidates in order of preference. [WBUR]

Elizabeth Warren Says the Plastic Straw Debate Is Just a Distraction.
There's been much ado over the past year about banning plastic straws, which are not recyclable. Presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren says that this debate is merely a distraction from the real issues of pollution caused primarily by the oil industry, the electric power industry, and the building industry – not our straws and lightbulbs. [Vox]

Adam Sandler Wraps Up Filming in Salem.

Sandler's new film, "Hubie Halloween," recently finished filming on the North Shore. The actor-director gave a shout out to the locals for "all the hospitality" he'd been shown during filming. []

MIT and Harvard Are Definitively the Best.
In a ranking by The Wall Street Journal, Harvard and MIT were rated #1 and #2 of all the colleges and universities in the country.

Ominous Clouds Over Boston During Yesterday's Storm:

Last night's dramatic cloud cover over Boston from r/boston

Photo by Foto T on Unsplash