The HOV Carpool Lanes Are Filled With Single Drivers.
The high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) fast lanes on I-93 are supposed to be a benefit for carpoolers only. However, MassDOT officials were "shocked" to find that data suggests that a vast majority of the drivers in the carpool lane are driving only themselves. [Worcester Telegram]

Newbury College Campus Bought By Welltower Senior Care.
The Brookline institution closed its doors earlier this year and put the campus up for sale. Welltower, a senior care facility developer, is said to be buying the land for a total of around $34 million, with plans to sell the west side of the property to the town of Brookline. [Twitter]

Boston Issues RFP for Road Safety Improvement Projects.
The city is requesting external proposals from civil engineering and design firms for improved safety for non-motorized transportation. Solutions may include bike lanes, upgrades to crossing signals, and new pavement markings. [StreetsBlog]

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Went to Emergency Hearing on Trump Administration's Cancellation of Medical Deferred Action.
The House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties heard testimony from Boston-area doctors and lawyers on the impact of the Trump Administration's decision to end deferred medical action for undocumented immigrants. Pressley has been critical of the move, which gives families only 33 days to leave the country. [WBUR]

A Boat Club in Cambridge Was Scammed for $35k.
Apparently the scammer had a British accent, so we can understand how the boat club's treasurer got taken by the gift card scammer. PSA: tell your grandparents that you would never ask for money through an iTunes gift card! [Wicked Local]

Middlesex County Man Contracts First Case of West Nile Virus in MA in 2019.
A man in his 60s was hospitalized with West Nile virus, the first case in the state this year. Current condition unknown. Last year there were 49 cases of West Nile, a virus transmitted by mosquito bites. [Patch]

What Does a 23-Year-Old Data Engineer in Boston Spend Their Money on?
The answer to that and other questions you didn't ask is contained in this week's Money Diaries entry on Refinery29. The piece documents expenditures according to a week in the life of a young woman working as a software engineer on $90,000 a year in Boston. [Refinery29]

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash