Study Says that Climate Change Has Altered the Classic New England Winter.
A study published in Ecological Applications says that snowy winters and white Christmases are less likely in New England now due to climate change. Scientists warn that the declining number of cold days will mean an increase in insect populations, and it will impact the soil which depends on snow for insulation during the winter months. [Boston Globe]

Mayor Walsh Announces Plan to Reduce Boston's Carbon Emissions.
The focus of the Climate Action Plan aims to cut emissions from buildings, which make up a majority of emissions pollution in Boston. Mayor Walsh says he hopes to put Boston on a path to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. [WBUR]

FBI Crime Data Shows Increase in Reported Rapes in Massachusetts.
Some advocates for sexual assault victims say that the increase in numbers could be related to the #MeToo movement, with more victims feeling confident that they will find support if they report their sexual assault. [MassLive]

Not All the Marijuana Testing Labs Have a Backlog.
Last week, marijuana retailer New England Treatment Access notified customers that it was short on supply for recreational users, due to a backlog at one of the state's two licensed testing facilities. The other lab, Framingham lab MCR Laboratories, has made it known that they are keeping up with their promised turnaround times, providing results to clients within 2 to 5 business days. [Daily Hampshire Gazette]

Boston Sheriff to Relocate ICE Immigration Detainees to Make Room for More Incarcerated Women.
Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Thompkins has terminated the city's contract with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement department in order to free up beds for women within the criminal justice system. He says they need the beds for the increasing number of women who are incarcerated due to mental health or drug abuse issues. [CBS Boston]

U.S. Marine Allegedly Involved in Incident That Led to Emerson College Student's Death Last Weekend.
Daniel Hollis died last week after he fell and his head during a scuffle between his group of college friends and another group of people. Now the U.S. Marine Corps has released a statement confirming that one of their members, who was on approved leave, was involved in the incident that led to the Emerson College sophomore's death. No arrests have been made and no charges brought. [NBC Boston]

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash