Majority of Mass Voters Approve Gov. Baker's Ban on Vape Products.
WBUR surveyed Massachusetts voters and found that two-thirds approve of the current temporary ban on the sale of vaping products, issued by Governor Charlie Baker. Support is strong across all age groups, although the highest disapproval rates were among young people ages 18 to 29. [WBUR]

Massachusetts Has High Rate of Drunk Driving Fatalities During Brunch Hours.
We're the sixth worst state for brunch-time fatalities as a result of drunk driving, says insurance company LLC. They used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System to examine drunken driving fatalities that occurred from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. from 2013 to 2017, compared to the overall number of driving fatalities between those hours. [NBC Boston]

Emerson Professor Hit and Killed By Commuter Rail Train at Beverly Depot.
Moses Shumow, 42, an associate professor of journalism at Emerson College, was hit by an outbound commuter rail train at the Beverly Depot MBTA station yesterday morning while riding his bike across the tracks. [CBS Boston]

Immigrants Transferred From Boston County Jail to Other States, Far From Family and Networks.
While some immigration advocates have praised the decision of Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Thompkins to end the jail's relationship with ICE and relocate immigrants to other facilities (a decision he says was not political, but about creating more beds for locals), other activists have criticized the move, saying it slows down the cases of those who are being relocated and removes them from their local support networks. [WGBH]

Proposed Ban on Face Masks in Boston.
At a City Council meeting, protesters arrived wearing masks to protest a city ordinance proposal that would ban "wearing a mask to conceal one’s identity on public property." Protesters say this would impede their freedom of speech and create a risk to public safety. [Boston Globe]

Did You Know? There's a "Safest Driver" Competition in Boston.
Competitors downloaded a smartphone app for scoring that ranked their driving activities between May and July this summer. Drivers were ranked based on speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and levels of cell phone distraction. Check out the link to see the winners. []

Photo by Austin Poon on Unsplash