Bomb Cyclone Sets Records for October Storms in Boston.
This week's coastal storm set records for the lowest pressure on record for Boston in the month of October. Crazy images of boats that were lifted up onto shore from the harbor due to the swells. [CBS Boston]

Despite Power Outage, Dunkin Comes Through for the People.
The employees at this Dunkin [formerly known as Dunkin Donuts] worked in the dark without power to serve customers. Now wondering what they were even able to make, without electricity? Maybe they were just serving iced coffee. [Reddit]

The Old Necco Candy Plant in Revere Will Become an Amazon Warehouse.
The new distribution center for online retailer Amazon is expected to create hundreds of jobs in Revere when it opens in 2020 after renovating the former Necco building. Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo says he is excited about Amazon's investment in the community. [CBS Boston]

Transit Police Are Looking for These 4 Scumbags Who Beat Up a Handicapped Man at Massachusetts Avenue Orange Line Station.
Images have been released of 4 men with skateboards who are accused of attacking a handicapped man with his own cane, and then smashing his phone when he tried to take their pictures. Transit police say they aim to charge these men with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property. [UniversalHub]

Boston Police Working Overtime Did Not Use Body Cams During 'Straight Pride Parade'.
While Boston police officers worked over 9,000 hours of overtime during the 'Straight Pride Parade,' none of them opted to turn on their body cameras during their overtime shifts at the controversial event which was met with counter-protesters. Apparently the BPD does not require officers to use body cams on overtime shifts. [WBUR]

How to Solve the Housing Crisis.
Shirley Leung discusses the housing market in the Boston area as we see rent and home prices rising to the point that people are getting priced out of the city and its suburbs. Leung says the solution is to create more supply. [Boston Globe]

Image via Wikimedia Commons