The Number Of Boston Homicides In Boston Declined In 2019.

Reported homicides decreased from 56 cases in 2018 to 38 cases in 2019, per Boston Police.  []

Massachusetts Woman Comes Face To Face With Rabid Coyote In Her Driveway.

A Lynnfield woman was able to get away from the coyote safely. Animal Control eventually captured the animal. [WCVB]

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey Shares He Has Been Banned From The Philippines.

Sen. Markey shared that President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration has barred him from entering the Philippines due to Markey's disapproval of Duterte's actions on human rights. []

Two Teens Arrested For Bullying Travelers On MBTA.

The two males were taken in by police after bullying and intimidating passengers on the Orange Line On New Year's Eve. [Masslive]

Couple Charged After Police Find Loaded Gun In Diaper Bag.

The couple was arrested in Dorchester with a loaded Glock 19 with 17 live rounds of ammunition in the magazine. [Universal Hub]

Image via Wikimedia Commons