BOSTON - Now that we're in the hottest days of summer, the sight of kids with lemonade stands is more and more common. It a rite of passage that most of us have tried our hand at, with varying levels of success.

Though technically it's illegal to operate an unlicensed lemonade stand in Massachusetts, It's not a law that's enforced very often. After all, if you were a cop on duty, would you really have the heart to shut down this?

Girl at the corner of Columbus and West Newton selling lemonade. She is donating 50% of the proceeds to the homeless and the rest she is using to get a dog from boston

This heartwarming image went viral on the Boston subreddit from Reddit user u/Me_Myself_and_I,  showing a little girl who had set up her lemonade stand on the corner of Columbus Avenue and West Newton Street in Boston. She has all of the necessary ingredients to make lemonade, a pitcher, and cups that would be for sale. It is a small, humble stand that advertises the cost of homemade lemonade, which is organic no less, as just one dollar. The money isn't just for her, though. This savvy young businesswoman planned to donate 50% of her profits to charities that benefit the homeless, and the other 50% would go towards the cost of adopting a dog - two very noble reasons to be saving and making money!

According to the original poster of the image on Reddit, the girl actually lives near him. He has spoken to her a couple times before and he learned that she takes home, on average, about $15 during a day. For a low-key summer gig, that’s pretty good and should bring her to her goals sooner rather than later.