Jamaica Plain, MA - Gimmicks are as much a part of American culture as the freedom of expression; and one which extends to cuisine, as well. Boston’s never been an exception (if you haven’t yet shed a tear for the loss of the Hilltop Steak House, kindly ask an aunt or uncle.) When owners David Doyle and Mari Perez-Alers transformed the former Centre Street Cafe in Jamaica Plain into a space-age rocket ship themed diner called Little Dipper, it could have been both a gimmick (no “Space Force” jokes, please) or it could have been nostalgia. One thing was for certain; it was a diner. Perhaps offering fare more inventive than the greasy spoon diners of yore, but a diner.

Now, Little Dipper has extended their weekend hours to include dinner service on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 6 pm starting Friday, August 17th.

The diner—which opened just last month—is the third JP venture for Doyle and Perez-Alers, who also run the popular Tres Gatos and Casa Verde eateries in the neighborhood.

“We were both excited by the idea of a space and rocket-themed interior with bright colors and LOTS of hanging model rockets," said Doyle at the tie of the restaurant’s grand opening.

Those of you still lamenting the all-night breakfast fare void left in Boston needn’t worry; you’ll still find plenty of omelettes and pancakes to satisfy your cravings at Little Dipper. But there’s plenty of other options such as chickpea flatbread sandwiches, rice bowls and hanger steaks to balance out your options.

Little Dipper also has a license for beer, wine and cocktails.

While the diner is so far only experimenting with evening service, the local need for evening diner food just might be enough that they’re anticipating adding other nights of the week to their weekend hours. Let’s hope they don’t change their mind.

Little Dipper Diner is located at 669 Centre St in Jamaica Plain. For more information, call (617) 524-9217 or visit visit www.littledipperjp.com/