READING - With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many families in Massachusetts are preparing to cook turkeys for the holiday. However, for the residents of Reading, there is one turkey that has been unanimously determined to be off limits.

Limpy the Town Turkey, a turkey with a peculiar gait that has started to wreak minor havoc across various pockets of the Reading community, has become an unofficial mascot of the town. So much so that he is one turkey that the town has rallied around to get pardoned for the upcoming holiday, as confirmed by the Boston Globe. The interactions with the turkey started out by calling animal control to escort the turkey out of Reading, but now they revolve around keeping him in the town for as long as possible!

One popular video of Limpy the Town Turkey sees him “directing traffic” by standing in the middle of the road. The video was shared by Tim Lynch to a Facebook group that is dedicated to celebrating Limpy in all his many actions. If you scroll through the group, you can see a ton of the antics that Limpy has gotten up to in Reading as he steadily climbed the ladder to immense local fame. They are all pretty entertaining, but the video from Lynch ended up being my personal favorite. The page’s most popular features Limpy hitching a ride on the top of a mail carrier’s vehicle. How did he get up there? No one knows.

The page was started by Kristen Lachance of Reading and she also helped kickstart a number of fundraisers and bake sales in Limpy’s honor. So far, over a thousand dollars has been raised for the local food pantry. Limpy is making a big difference in Reading without even knowing it. Praise is definitely due for harnessing the positive energy towards the turkey.

It is certainly quite charming and having a turkey as lovable and endearing as Limpy seems to be can make for a great point of unification for a community. Some people may be annoyed by him, but for the most part, the folks of Reading love him. And while Limpy may not be a great name, he does seem to be a great turkey and mascot for Reading.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons