Boston, MA– It's April this week, so some of us may have already put up our snow boots for the season. A little prematurely, it seems, as it looks like snow could be on the way. No huge accumulation predicted, but still. Come on. April! Yesterday's wind gusts were like a cruel April Fool's joke.

Now, according to weather forecasters, some flakes may fall during the late hours of the evening tonight. Reports state that a strong, low pressure will develop east of New England during the night, then head on up to Canada shortly after. There may be drastic changes in temperature throughout the night and going into tomorrow morning.

The spring storm will kick off with rain later this evening, beginning in Worcester. Precipitation is expected from tonight through tomorrow morning, totaling approximately a half an inch of rain.

Because springtime rain/snow storms are sporadic and hard to predict, weather forecasters are unsure what tonight will bring exactly. So snow is not a given; if it does snow throughout the night, we'll get only a dusting, most likely between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Temperatures are expected to drop from the 50s to 30s, but tomorrow afternoon, they’ll get back up to the 50s. Be aware that the morning commute may be a little slower than it has been in recent weeks due to the precipitation, and drive carefully as it may be slick.

If you’re residing in or traveling to the Cape and Islands tomorrow, the winds will be gusty. Warnings and advisories have not been released yet.

As for the rest of the week, Thursday and Friday are both looking dry with temperatures in the 50s. There may be some rainfall on Friday night and early Saturday morning, but not much is expected.

Spring weather is on its way, even if it doesn't feel like it yet. Those warmer temperatures over the weekend were a tease! But they reminded us of what's coming. Forecasters are saying that next week, temperatures will reach as high as the 60s. Soon we can put up those winter coats for good!