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Lexington Man Arraigned in Concord District Court for Allegedly Murdering Wife

Lexington Man Arraigned in Concord District Court for Allegedly Murdering Wife

CONCORD - 50-year-old Hongyan Sun of Lexington was arraigned in Concord District Court on Thursday morning and has been charged with murder.

According to the Lexington Police, Sun allegedly murdered his wife, Shen Cai, age 49, after getting into a verbal fight with her. This fight was part of an ongoing and escalating pattern of controlling behavior and abuse, both physical and verbal - including Sun installing hidden cameras to spy on his wife in their Lexington home only days before her death. The couple had been in the process of getting a divorce. On May 30, 2019, at 12:30 AM, Cai was found in the driver’s seat of her white Honda CRV. She was later pronounced dead, with the cause of death being ruled as mechanical asphyxiation.

Reports claim that the couple fought on May 28, 2019. Afterward, Cai “disappeared,” missing two of her scheduled appointments days after. Friends feared the worst as they began to search for Cai, who had previously expressed fears for her own safety to them, as well as the safety of her daughter from a previous marriage. According to friends, Sun had threatened to kill Cai in the past. Before her death, Cai told a friend that “if she ever was found dead, it would be a homicide not a suicide.”  Her unresponsive body was found in her SUV parked near Lexington High School, and immediately called in to 911.When officials arrived at the scene, they pronounced Cai dead.

Prosecutors claim that Sun strangled his wife after their fight on May 28th. They added that it was probable that he staged the body in the SUV in order to mislead investigators and get them off his tracks. The medical examiner, however, ruled Cai's injuries were “consistent with a violent struggle and being strangled to death.”

Sun’s attorney, Melinda Thompson, stated that “He’s just sort of shocked, and again, just learning the facts, so we don’t really know where this goes from here.”

Sun was arrested on Wednesday and arraigned in Concord court Thursday. The court ruled for him to be held without bail until further notice. The investigation is ongoing and is being conducted by the Middlesex DA office, the Lexington Police Department, and the State Police Detective Unit.