BOSTON – The last book in the Harry Potter series was published twelve years ago and the final film adaptation came out eight years ago. Yes, there have been spin-off stories, prequels, and more, but the true conclusion of the Harry Potter saga came to an end quite a long time ago. And yet, it endures. One of the most massive global phenomenons of all-time, Harry Potter was not ever destined to be a story people would move on from quickly. For many, it is going to be a big part of the rest of their lives.

After all, there is more than just spin-off series out there. The world is filled with Harry Potter-themed attractions. The phenomenon never truly passed, it just became a huge part of the global culture. You could point to the popular Mugglecast podcast, which comes up with a new episode about Harry Potter every week, even when there is seemingly no new content on the subject, as evidence enough for this everlasting fandom. But there's something coming to Boston this weekend that makes it just as apparent that the love for Potter will never die.

That's right, LeakyCon, the world's foremost convention on all things Harry Potter is coming to Boston this weekend! Located at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center, LeakyCon will run from this Friday to Sunday as the organizers celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the convention, which debuted in Boston in 2009.

LeakyCon, named for the fictional pub The Leaky Cauldron, has definitely expanded since its beginnings. There will be something for everyone, whether you have wizarding tattoos and can recite every headmaster of Hogwarts from memory, or if you have only seen the movies a couple times.

For one, 2019's LeakyCon will have plenty of panels that probe questions about the lore of Harry Potter, including ethical debates about wizarding law and the unforgivable curses, as well as probe questions regarding the fandom itself. Additionally, discussions will be held about various installments of the overall series.

Additionally, LeakyCon has organized a trip for some devoted fans to spend time in Salem, Massachusetts ahead of the convention. After all, if you find yourself drawn to the powers of witches in the Harry Potter series, is there a better place to visit in real life than Salem?

Lastly, LeakyCon will also play host to some of the actors from the Harry Potter film franchise. While Emma Watson will not be making an appearance, there are still some big names, including Luke Youngblood, Stanislav Yanevski, and Chris Rankin, who played Lee Jordan, Viktor Krum, and Percy Weasley, respectively.

I have a Deathly Hallows symbol tattoo on my left arm, so if you're like me, LeakyCon is assuredly on your radar for the upcoming Boston weekend.

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash