Boston, MA - The Boston Marathon Bombing happened approximately 5 years ago. To this day, law enforcement and the justice system is still dealing with the one bomber that is still alive. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of the 2013 terrorist acts which left three dead, 16 missing limbs, and hundreds of others injured. Tsarnaev was served with a death sentence. Now, in 2018, Tsarnaev’s team of lawyers has asked the judge, through a 500-page brief, to dismiss the death sentence put on him all because of the judge’s refusal to let the case go to a court system outside of Boston. The legal team stated in the brief that the case has no chance at a fair trial if it stays in the city of Boston.

All attorneys on the Boston Marathon bomber’s side have requested this past Thursday, December 27, 2018, for the case to be moved outside of Boston, where the so-called terrorist attack occurred.

There are several other reasons as to why this 500-page brief was written and presented to the courts, though. According to the legal team, Tsarnaev had experienced multiple issues with his 2015 trial, including but not limited to, countless issues with the jurors, specific testimonies from some of the survivors, and unsolved killings dated back to 2011 involving Tsarnaev’s brother.

The legal team stated their case before the courts, saying that it is unfair to keep the case in the exact city that is currently traumatized by the bombings, especially after the Boston Strong movement was initiated. The city seems to be too biased, as the team of lawyers recalls.

In addition, Tsarnaev’s legal team has stated that there are matters that he cannot discuss in front of the court system and jurors of Boston, seeing as they most likely will not understand his reasoning. Plus, having a team of jurors that have been greatly affected by the aftermath of the bombings, whether they’ve lost something or someone they cared about, may not be able to make a fully conscious and unemotional decision, states the legal team.

Currently, Tsarnaev resides in the supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

So far, U.S. District Judge George O’Toole has refused to allow the case out of the city. However, there is still additional information that has not been told to the jury, according to Tsarnaev’s lawyers, and said information would be crucial in making the final decision for the bomber’s future.