EVERETT - The Encore casino in Boston hasn't even been open for a month, but it's already been embroiled in multiple controversies. After its first weekend of operation, people had already been arrested for fighting each other in the casino, trying to cheat at some of the games, and a number of crimes in between. Now, in the middle of July, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Encore claiming that the casino has allegedly been robbing blackjack players of their potential winnings, as well as holding back the winnings from certain slot machines on the gambling floor.

Obviously, gambling and casinos are new ground in Massachusetts law, but there does exist a law stating that  blackjack odds should be paid out at three to two odds, instead of the six to five odds that the lawsuit alleges Encore is currently using. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that slot machine players were not receiving their winnings at all.

The main thrust of the claim against Encore is that casinos are already built to with the odds in their favor, so there should be no reason to try to increase these odds of success even further at the cost of gamblers. But if Encore is skirting the rules as the defendants claim, they are estimated to make an extra $30 million dollars in profit per year, which is a strong incentive.

This lawsuit also comes amidst claims that the atmosphere of Encore casino is lackluster. For example, those who have visited other casinos have pointed out that there's a general lack of that fun, reckless energy that most people go to casinos to find. Perhaps it's because the house is too focused on winning to make sure that its clientele are enjoying themselves.