LAWRENCE - It seems like the worst of the blizzard that overtook Massachusetts on Sunday evening into Tuesday afternoon is over. The precipitation has accumulated across the state, with some towns reporting well over a foot of snowfall in the area. But just because the snow has finally stopped dripping down from the sky, that does not mean that the after effects of the snow are yet done. We still need to shovel our driveways and we still need plows to go down the road if we want to be able to return to work and school. (But do we?)

For one man in Lawrence, the snow clean-up process took a very scary and dangerous turn on Tuesday when he was using a snowblower to clear off his driveway, as shared by CBS Local News. The man, named David Joslin, felt that his snowblower was getting overloaded with his snow, so he made the decision to reach down into the snowblower's chute (yes, the mechanical, violent one) in an attempt to rid it of the clog. This was a horrible decision.

Joslin is honestly lucky that he didn't lose his hand in the process. He did, however, have to receive stitches in two fingers from the hospital after the machine sucked his hand into it in an instant. Engine 6 of the Lawrence Fire Department was fortunately on the scene to help free Joslin's hand before too much lasting damage could be done to it. Prompted by firefighters Juan Maldonado, Kevin McCarthy, and Jean Jiminez, Joslin was sent to the nearby emergency room, per WCVB.

But this left no one to take care of his driveway. In response, the firefighters stayed in the area, having received no other emergency calls, and shoveled out Joslin's driveway for him and his family. Joslin was thankful, citing that the firefighters did their job, but they went above and beyond to help make things easier on the Joslins. According to Jiminez, it was a spur of the moment act. But it was, of course, such a heartwarming display of kindness.

The lessons here are to help each other when we need it and don't stick your hand in a snowblower chute.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons