Boston, MA - An ongoing sex-trafficking investigation came to a conclusion on Wednesday, after the owner of four Boston spa’s was arrested; FBI agents claim to have found tangible proof that crimes were being committed after numerous months of looking into the matter.

According to officials, Dan Zheng, age 47, forced women working in the spas to perform sexual acts and favors to clients after their scheduled massages. Typically, Zheng would give the women a small amount of money for performing the acts, and she would keep the rest for herself.

On Wednesday afternoon, FBI agents and police officers raided the four spas. The four spas that Zheng owned were Sunshine Spa and Massage in Stoneham, Rose Health Spa in Chinatown, Lisa Massage Therapy in Arlington, and Sunflowers Spa in Dracut.

FBI undercover agents started to spy on and watch the four separate locations back in June 2018. After a little bit of time, the FBI started to gather sufficient evidence to start building a solid case.

After doing research and speaking with clients, the FBI agents uncovered the truth about these four spas: Customers were being offered the opportunity to have sexual favors performed on them after the massage was finished.

A tenant, Chris Park, who lives above the Rose Health Spa location, stated in an interview that, “I would never have imagined.” Park was basically speechless and concerned as to how Zheng could do such a thing.

In the process of raiding the four spas, FBI agents and police officers rescued 6 women workers. They are now attending check-ups, receiving necessary services, and being brought to get the appropriate medical attention regarding their situations.

Zheng was arraigned in court on Thursday, November 29, 2018. The courts settled on $100,000 bail. Her next court date is scheduled to be on January 10, 2019.

No further information regarding the investigation is available at this time. FBI agent and police officer interviews have not been leaked to the public. Zheng did not put up a fight when the raid occurred.