BOSTON - Over the weekend, Kirk Minihane, the host of Barstool Sports podcast The Kirk Minihane Show, announced that he was going to enter a "treatment program" to help improve the current state of his mental health. The announcement also came with the information that his podcast will be going on hiatus in the meantime, as shared by Awful Announcing.

Minihane's official statement was released via Twitter, where he wrote, "The last month or so I’ve really been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. I’m going to enter a treatment program to fight this, so the show will be on hiatus. I’m scared that these thoughts and feelings are back, but this is life with depression. It’s a hard fight."

This is the second time that Minihane has taken a leave of absence for mental health struggles during his career as a radio and podcast host. Back when he worked for WEEI as the co-host of the Kirk and Callahan show, Minihane took a reprieve in September of 2018. This came after he checked himself into a nearby hospital after having suicidal thoughts. He ended up leaving his WEEI show and found his way to Barstool, where his podcast has been hosted since May of last year.

Hopefully, this time away from the podcast will be exactly what Minihane needs. During his first leave of absence, he admitted that he tried to make his way back to radio at a rate that was far too fast. The podcast should be the last thing on his mind. I think everyone who has listened or currently listens to Minihane's show would agree that his mental health has to come first. Whenever he is ready to make the return, or if he ever becomes ready, his fans will be waiting eagerly to welcome him back. But there is no reason to rush the self-care process. One's happiness should always come first and podcasts should only be supplemental.

I'm wishing all the best for Minihane and I hope his treatment program leads him down the right path.*

Image via Instagram