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Keytar Bear Makes Appearance at Barista Championships

Keytar Bear Makes Appearance at Barista Championships

Boston, MA– The United States Barista Championship is an annual event that has become the premiere form of competition for the baristas of the world and the top tournament for the world of coffee and brew. Boston is often home to the U.S. Barista Championship, and this year the city again played host to some of the best baristas in the country.

During the competition, baristas have 15 minutes to craft and serve cappuccinos and espressos, and the events can be pretty challenging to master. Only the best baristas conquer the championship, and they need every bit of support that they are able to get during the event.

This year, competitors had a peculiar form of support, as they steamed and frothed their way through the April 2019 championship event.

Keytar Bear came to our Barista Championships today! from boston

Keytar Bear first showed up in 2011 and ever since then he pops up frequently around Boston. You may be surprised to learn that he is not actually a bear, despite the realistic costume. In fact, Keytar Bear is a man dressed in a bear costume (resembling the title character of the movie, Ted) who performs publicly with a keytar (a hybrid instrument: keyboard and guitar). He's become quite the beloved figure in all of Boston, and it is always funny to see where he pops up!

Thanks to Reddit user, u/mac9382, one of the most recent sightings of Keytar Bear was documented as he appeared in an outfit resembling a barista at the Barista Championship to play keytar music and cheer on those competing in the event. This particular spotting was at the Starbucks in Allston near the Continuum Apartments, and Keytar Bear actually looked quite natural in a Starbucks uniform.

Keytar Bear's presence at the event treated national baristas from all around the country to a taste of authentic local Boston culture. Keytar Bear is definitely emblematic of the shift towards busker appreciation in Boston, similar to knock-off pop culture figures in Times Square. Now, all we can do is eagerly anticipate wherever Keytar Bear will appear next! Also congrats to whoever won the Barista Championship.

Image via Vimeo / Rob Van