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Kenmore Square Says Farewell to the Lower Depths

Kenmore Square Says Farewell to the Lower Depths

It’s fair to say that the only constant in Kenmore Square is change. And this isn’t just a recent phenomenon - it’s been ongoing for over 20 years.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions to the rule. Both India Quality and (inexplicably) Cornwall’s remain open after over 20 years. Even in an increasingly Spotify-ed universe, Nuggets is still allowing you to trade back those Dio CDs you mistakenly purchased on a drunken binge five years ago. And then... there’s the Lower Depths.

Or rather, was.

Known for their longevity as part of the ever-shifting face of the “new” Kenmore Square as much as their hipster appropriation of quasi-dive bar chic (replete with gluten-free brussel sprout tacos and the requisite tater tot platters), the Lower Depths finally ended their 15 year run this past Sunday evening.

“And that’s a wrap. We’re moving on to some new adventures as of July 1st,” read the cash-only bar’s Facebook post on Sunday. “Cheers to 15 amazing years and all of our awesome regulars!”

The bar - owned and operated by the Wilcox Hospitality Group (also responsible for Bukowski’s, Parish Cafe and the Tip Top Tavern) - had been a long-running favorite among local students and… local students, managing to cause a minor outrage after Wilcox partner Brian Poe jettisoned a designer hot dog menu to focus on taco offerings in 2017.

Personally, I’m not saying that the Lower Depths was at all a throw back to the Kenmore Square you might remember from your youth. I’m not saying that making your way to the restroom could cause you anything less than a severe sense of vertigo. And I’m not even saying that consuming a bacon-wrapped jalapeno corn dog is necessarily a wise idea if you have any modicum of dignity or taste left. I’m just saying that 15 years in spite of an ever-increasing swath of corporate-owned “niche” restaurants and fast casual chains is nothing short of impressive.

“We had a great 13-year run at Lower Depths, but we decided to focus our energy and effort into Parish, Tip Tap and Bukowski’s while we pursue a couple new exciting opportunities that we hope to announce soon,” Wilcox Hospitality owner Gordon Wilcox told Boston.com.

That’s right, habitues of Bukowski’s. Fret not over your $7 tall boy of PBR, you daring neo-bohos, you. Gordon still has you covered.