Boston, MA– What are some of the worst minor mishaps you can possibly have in your daily life? From smaller annoyances, like getting your socks wet in the snow on your way to work, to getting a ticket on your parked car just seconds before you came back to move it – the world is filled with these minor tragedies that can disrupt your day and leave you with a pit in your stomach. A more commonly devastating situation has to be after you come home from a night of fun partying and drinking with your friends and you wake up with a hangover and missing stuff.

The hangover hits hard, and it gets worse when you look around your home or apartment for some trace of an object that you need. Your wallet, your keys, your cell phone. These are kind of essential to getting on with the business of life, and we all know the feeling you get when your heart sinks after you cannot find them where they are supposed to be.

We have evidence that this minor tragedy has befallen one Bostonian among us. Let's all empathize with him or her as they struggle to put the pieces of their night back together, retracing their drunken steps to find their cell phone, shown below on a dock beneath Summer Street bridge.

This phone was ringing when I walked across the Summer St bridge around noon today. Sorry hung over guy, it's not in your couch. from boston

Reddit user u/HypnoButler shared an image recently of a cell phone ringing precariously over the water while walking across the Summer Street bridge. Hope it's not on vibrate, or that thing will be in the water soon. It's miraculous that it didn't go in the water when it fell out of someone's pocket.  

So now, someone is desperately calling their phone and expecting to find it in their couch or coat pocket or etc. Perhaps if they follow the Boston Reddit page, they'll soon be paying a visit to the train tracks that used to help the Summer Street Bridge open.

Obviously, there is a small chance that someone aimed to help return the phone to its owner, or the owner retraced their steps, but chances are that the phone now belongs to the water or the seagulls. u/HypnoButler even remarked that the phone was slightly wet from their point of view. Good luck finding your phone, poor soul.