BOSTON - The weather in Boston this summer has been unlike anything the city's seen before. Every day seems to bring something new, from tornadoes on Cape Cod to record-breaking heatwaves. And as July sizzles to a close with another heat wave, it's now officially Boston's hottest July on record.

While 1994 still holds the record for the most days in Boston with over 90 degree weather (15), 2019 still managed to crack double digits with 10. What makes this July the hottest on record is the average temperature, which this year was 87 degrees Farenheit.  Many of the individual days in July also set records. It was 97 degrees on July 20 - the hottest July 20 on record. The day before, July 19, was 11 degrees above the average historical temperature on that date.

For some, this could be seen as excellent beach weather. But for many others, this is evidence that climate scientists have been right in their decades-long prediction for warming on the planet. And with June 2019 coming in as the world's hottest June ever, that's reason enough to be mightily concerned.