NEW YORK - Julian Edelman, the star wide receiver of the New England Patriots and the reigning Super Bowl MVP, has been on the promotional circuit for his new Showtime documentary, 100%: Julian Edelman. Recently, Edelman stopped off in New York City to appear on Good Morning America with Michael Strahan and just last night, he visited Colbert.

Edelman shared images of his appearance on the show and he remarked that he was not feeling too keen about the looks Colbert was shooting at his three Super Bowl rings. (This prompted former Patriots receiver Donte Stallworth to humorously remark on Instagram that Edelman had enough rings and he just wanted one of them.)

Edelman regaled Colbert and the audience with a wide array of stories, including how in the Super Bowl post-game festivities, he "almost made out" with Tom Brady. Regarding Brady, Edelman also shared the story of how he first met the legendary quarterback when he was just a fresh-faced twenty-three year old. The receiver also echoed one of Brady's most famous sentiments when Colbert asked him which of the rings was his favorite. Edelman's response, of course, was that his favorite ring was "the next one." Colbert then joked that Edelman's workout consisted of lifting his rings.

By the end of the segment, Colbert gave Edelman the gift of a special yarmulke (Edelman is Jewish) and the two parted on pleasant terms, even though Colbert is admittedly not a big fan of sports. Edelman's documentary will debut this Friday on Showtime and this promotional clip on Colbert might have convinced a few more people to check it out!

Image via Wikimedia / Jeffrey Beall