FOXBOROUGH - No NFL player has had more run-ins with the NFL's suspensions for substance abuse than wide receiver Josh Gordon has. At the outset of Gordon's career with the Cleveland Browns, he spent four seasons off and on the suspension list because of his mental health and his addiction to substances that are banned by the NFL and that he perpetually tests positive for. When Cleveland finally decided they had had enough, Bill Belichick took a gamble on Gordon's potential for elite talent as a pass catcher and acquired him for the New England Patriots.

At the end of last season with the Patriots, Gordon ended up with an indefinite suspension after a regular season with sizable contributions to the team, which would go on to win the Super Bowl. He worked hard during the off-season, however, and ended up earning back the trust of the Patriots and the NFL. He was then reinstated in August and made a big splash for the Patriots. However, a dwindling impact and injuries eventually led to Gordon being waived by New England.

The Seattle Seahawks instead became the next team to take a chance on Gordon by picking him up on waivers. For five games, he managed to pull in seven receptions. But Gordon's tenure with Seattle was shortlived as he has now been suspended indefinitely once again after violating the NFL's policies for substance abuse, per CBS Sports.

It is honestly borderline tragic what has happened with Gordon. Obviously, the tragedy of it is solely through the lens of comparison to the rest of the NFL But still, in football terms, this is tragic. He was an immensely talented player who squandered it because his addiction has a hold over him and he is not in control of his own mental health. That's a very sad, disheartening thing. It seems like he just cannot conquer his demons. The likelihood of this suspension being the last one that keeps Gordon out of the league for good is very high. You can argue what you want about which substances should be permitted, but the fact that Gordon just can't stay away from one that is banned by the league is just sad.

It feels like a waste. Maybe he'll find his way back to the NFL again. Maybe he'll finally reclaim control over his life. But for now, Gordon remains a sad example of wasted talent.

Image via Wikimedia Commons