BOSTON - Are you a fan of the Boston Red Sox? Did you ever look at Mookie Betts and Brock Holt and think, Nah. I'm not a fan! Surely, there must be a marginally worse outfielder and a less reliable utility player that we could sign instead?

Well, if you have, then you are in luck because it seems like the front office of the Red Sox is thinking on the exact same wavelength that you are!

With the trade that sent Betts to the Dodgers and the revelation that Holt had signed with the Brewers, it seemed like there might be some holes to fill on the Boston roster, especially since Alex Verdugo has a back injury that could sideline him for Opening Day. Enter Jonathan Lucroy and Wil Myers (potentially).

Originally, talks for trading Betts involved the San Diego Padres, who were rumored to be attempting to flip Wil Myers to Boston for Betts, while also adding in prospects like Cal Quantrill and Luis Campusano. It's unclear who the Sox would give up for Myers without Betts on the table anymore, but the prospect of a potential three-team deal has been floated. Rumors are ongoing, even in the wake of Betts' trade.

Myers was not great last season with just a .239 batting average in 155 games played. His WAR was -0.3, which was paltry compared to Betts' 6.8, but at least Myers would be something.

One deal that is official, though, is that of Jonathan Lucroy, as shared by Masslive. Lucroy hit .232 last year and posted a -0.7 WAR between stints with the Cubs and Angels. So, yay? Lucroy does have an injury history that plagued him last year and two All-Star seasons in the past. But is he out of his prime? It seems so, as Lucroy's Boston deal is at the minor league level.

Perhaps that was too cynical a take in the first paragraph. You know, there is always the chance that Myers and Lucroy will pan out to such an extent that they will go down as all-time great Red Sox! Are my hopes that high? No. Will they ever be? Eh. I really doubt it! But we have to have hope or else we're going to be miserable for the entire season. I mean, at least the front office is trying to fill the void somehow. Even if they have seemed allergic to pitching help over the past couple of seasons.

Image via Wikimedia Commons