BOSTON - Heading into Super Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders was the preemptive frontrunner to receive the Democratic nomination for president in the 2020 general election. However, Super Tuesday definitely shook some things up as former vice president Joe Biden found himself coming back from the dead in a slew of contested states. Among these states was Massachusetts.

At the time of writing this article, Biden has been named the projected winner of the Massachusetts presidential primary. With 91% reporting, it seems pretty sewn up in Biden's favor here in Massachusetts. He ended up pulling roughly 425,000 votes, which was good for 33.7% and 34 delegates, though numbers are still obviously in flux.

Sanders ended up finishing in second in a state that many projected him to win ahead of Tuesday's voting, as shared by CNBC. The progressive Vermont senator netted roughly 335,000 votes, good for 26.6% and 26 delegates, at the moment.

The most surprising candidate in the Massachusetts primary was Elizabeth Warren, who finished third in the state she is a senator for. She received about 270,000 votes, which was good for 21.2% and 17 delegates.

Many thought the race in the Bay State would be between Sanders and Warren, but Biden has emerged as a strong contender across the board. Some were already preparing to write Biden's campaign obituary as recently as last week, but this Tuesday performance has undeniably resurrected his campaign.

On the other hand, it seems like it might be the end of the line for Warren. If she finished third in her own state, then there would be little hope in running her as the candidate in the general election. The Democratic race seems to be between two now as Biden and Sanders will likely compete against one another the rest of the way, with Mike Bloomberg also faring extremely poorly yesterday. I would predict that Bloomberg and Warren will drop out of the race imminently.

It's neck and neck between Biden and Sanders right now. Biden did perform well in a number of key states, but perhaps Sanders and his progressive policies, which are in contrast from both Biden's and 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton's, are the Democrats' best hopes of ousting Donald Trump in 2020. After all, Sanders just took California in a major way.

The race is far from over, but Super Tuesday, especially in Massachusetts, made it a lot more interesting.

Image via Wikimedia Commons