BOSTON - Last week, we wrote about American Airlines making an official announcement for additions to their scheduled flight services out of Logan Airport. In an effort to compete with major airlines, American announced two new flights to North Carolina in two different cities and one to Indianapolis, Indiana. One of the airlines that American is jostling for power with at Logan Airport is JetBlue, who has also made an official announcement that a number of changes are coming to their own service and residency, as it currently stands in the midst of Logan Airport.

JetBlue is planning to pad out a number of their routes, as well as expand their presence in a plethora of airports in 2020, but the first instance of these changes pertains to Logan, as they announced last Thursday.

Let's get the negative news out of the way first. Sadly, any travelers who were hoping to be shuttled back and forth between Boston and Oakland, California will have to find a new airline to get there. JetBlue announced that its service to Oakland International Airport from all cities has been discontinued. Additionally, JetBlue has officially severed the service between Logan and Havana, Cuba.

For travelers who are still hoping to meet the demand for such flights, JetBlue will still provide service to nearby cities to Oakland like San Francisco and San Jose, but as of April 29, Oakland service will be no more. They will also continue to fly to Havana out of New York's JFK Airport and travelers can also pass through Fort Lauderdale, Florida instead.

In terms of the good news, any Massachusetts travelers who were hoping to secure a ticket in the friendly skies to visit Montana are newly in luck thanks to a brand new service from Logan Airport, courtesy of JetBlue. Beginning on June 13, seasonal service between Logan Airport and Belgrade, Montana's Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport will be provided to JetBlue travelers. The service will fly to Bozeman in the morning daily and will fly back to Logan at night daily, as well. The flight will operate from JetBlue during the summer season, but a winter season option will also be made available.

Traveling to California and Cuba may have gotten a bit more difficult, but traveling to Montana from Boston has never been easier now!

Image via Wikimedia Commons