For years, LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball players of all-time and a current forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, has said that he has one goal remaining in the NBA, aside from the perennial goals of NBA championships, All-Star appearances, statistical records, and more. He made it clear that he wants to play long enough so he can be on the court at the same time as his son, LeBron James, Jr., affectionately known as Bronny Jr. James, Jr. is currently 15 years old, meaning LeBron James, Sr. needs roughly four or five more years left in the league.

It's an attainable goal and the desire to reach it was palpable in a video that recently went viral showing LeBron's son throwing down an alley-oop in a local basketball game. In the video, LeBron James reacts with immense enthusiasm as he celebrates with his son in a manner that can be viewed as over the top, but also can be viewed as really heartwarming to see someone care that much about his son and his son's success.

One Twitter user, Kevin Clancy, who is known as KFCBarstool from Barstool Sports, saw it in the former way as he immediately criticized LeBron for the video, calling his actions "ridiculous" and "childlike."

Unexpectedly, however, another NBA star jumped in to defend LeBron.

Yesterday, young Celtics upstart and forward Jayson Tatum replied to Kevin Clancy's tweet by saying that it is crazy for people to be upset about someone who is simply and genuinely happy for his son. Tatum also added that he looks forward to being able to celebrate his own son's success in the future.

Obviously, Tatum and LeBron have an interesting past as the Celtic dunked on James in the post-season during his rookie year, which led to a hilarious copypasta about LeBron getting "boomed on." But that didn't stop Tatum from rejecting cynicism and joining LeBron in celebrating the success of their children. It's a refreshing bit of an interaction on a website that doesn't always have it!

Image via Wikimedia / Keith Allison