BOSTON - Between his antics surrounding the New England Patriots, their fans, and Tom Brady, as well as his comedic presence during the 2018 World Series, Jimmy Kimmel has endeared himself to many Boston sports fans, in spite of the fact that he is - of all things - a New Yorker. Kimmel once again plunge into the world of Boston sports during a special half-hour bonus episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, aired ahead of game five of the NBA Finals.

To mark what could have been the final game of the 2018-19 NBA season (thought it wasn't - the Golden State Warriors beat out the Toronto Raptors by a score of 106-105 and forced a game six), Kimmel aired a special basketball-themed episode before ABC's pre-game coverage of the game. Part of this episode involved one of Boston's youngest stars - Jayson Tatum - as part of a hilarious comedy sketch.

Kimmel and Tatum came together to lampoon the many advertisements that NBA players star in to advertise their latest sneaker collaborations and contracts. Sneakers have become such a big deal in the NBA that many players signed to Adidas, Under Armour, or similar athletic brands have been barred from appearing in LeBron James' Space Jam sequel because of LeBron's contract with Nike. Every player who is even remotely popular in the NBA seems to have their own shoe deal and even Tatum has endorsed Nike by trying out their self-lacing shoes. That doesn't preclude Tatum from making fun of the practice, though.

The thing is, there are probably people out there who would actually pay that much for basketball sneakers. Good for Tatum, though, for getting in on the ground floor. You never know what will become the next Air Jordan.

Image via Wikimedia / Erik Drost