Boston, Massachusetts - One of the highest-rated reality shows in the history of ABC has been The Bachelor and its numerous spin-offs, including the equally popular The Bachelorette. Currently in the fifteenth season of the show, this season's contestant, Hannah Brown, adores sports, particularly when it comes to her love of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Brown is also partial to the Boston Celtics, which led to a delightful episode for fellow Celtics fans who have been missing seeing the star players ever since the team was bounced during the second round of the playoffs.

During the episode, Hannah Brown brought one of the fan favorite contestants, Jed Wyatt, to the practice facility of the Celtics to meet Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier, two of the team's premier players. Take a look at some of the interactions had between various combinations of the quartet:

The official show's Twitter account proclaimed Rozier and Brown to be "champs" and Hannah Brown thought they were among the best players in the league. While that's certainly debatable, the segment was all in good fun, so it's best not to probe too deeply on that subject. We know The Bachelorette never would.

The two Browns joined up to take on Rozier and Wyatt in a friendly game of two-on-two basketball, but not before Jaylen and Hannah went aside to discuss relationships and allow for advice to pass between the pairing.

When describing what people should look for in relationships, Jaylen Brown remarked that Hannah Brown should look for "somebody that makes you laugh, somebody who you can be yourself with, somebody who respects you." He continued by recommending, "somebody who's there for the rough times and the good times, someone who's going to accept you for your flaws and your beauty."

They are wise words from the Celtics star and we'll have to see how much that advice colors the future of this Bachelorette season.

Image and video courtesy of ABC