FALL RIVER – Among the major cities of Massachusetts, few have had as much trouble maintaining some semblance of progress towards political consistency as Fall River has had. The long, unfortunate ballad of the latest mayor of Fall River, Jasiel Correia, has been a frustrating one for Massachusetts residents. The main source of the issues with Correia can be traced back to last year when he was indicted on federal charges of fraud.

Essentially, Correia was charged with wire fraud and the falsification of his tax returns last year after it was uncovered that he had used over $200,000 in investment money for his technological company, SnoOwl, to purchase lavish personal goods which obviously served no benefit to the actual growth of his company.

If you are wondering why Correia is still the mayor of Fall River after an incident like that, you should not necessarily blame the city's residents. After all, they tried to force him out of office with a recall vote in 2019. Sixty percent of all Fall River voters were supportive of ousting Correia from office, but when it came to naming his replacement, voters were more divided and Correia was able to secure a large enough plurality of the vote to remain as the mayor, despite his misgivings.

Things are not looking as good for him today.

This morning, it was announced that Correia had been arrested, along with four other unnamed individuals, as a result of his participation in a scheme that extorted vendors of marijuana, which was of course legalized in Massachusetts, for cash. Additionally, it was announced that a police press conference would be held at eleven o'clock so the story is definitely still unfolding.

Many marijuana-based companies have aimed to establish a foothold in the Fall River economy, but only one, Northeast Alternatives, has actually succeeded in opening in the city. It currently remains unclear how Correia's arrest will affect that business, but it definitely seems to be a major Massachusetts political scandal that we have not heard the last of yet.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels