Boston, MA - If you’ve ever had to wait for the commuter rail at North Station - particularly in the dead of winter — you’re already aware that it can be a unique form of purgatory. A five minute delay can turn into ten; that ten minute delay can turn into twenty; and before you know it, you’ve already spent good hard money which logical sense would dictate should have gone to an Uber at any one of the nearby Golden Triangle hotspots just to discover your train’s been canceled altogether.

(Fine. We’ll make an exception for the beer garden currently there whose name no one can actually remember; but when you’ve got fifty or so aggravated and thirsty commuters in what is essentially a pen that can hold maybe twenty people standing, you’re justified in wanting some form of breathing room.)

Leave it to Jack’s Abby to help revitalize not only craft brewing in the greater New England area, but the better judgement of those of us who know far too well how far $20 can get you at Sullivan’s.

The Framingham-based brewery announced plans to open up their latest taproom in North Station, tentatively called Track Zero Taproom earlier this week. While an opening date has yet to be announced, the brewery has indicated that it’s finalizing approval from the MBTA and expects to be no earlier than late 2018 and no later than 2019.

In a press release, Jack’s Abby stated that they expect “Track Zero will become the go-to destination for commuters and sports fans alike,” and have already planned on installing ten tap lines; including several from their Springdale offshoot, which shys away from the craft lager style they’ve been acclaimed for to focus on experimental IPAs and barrel aged beers. In addition, they plan on offering rotations from their limited edition Kellerbier series at the new location.

The planned taproom would not be the first time Jack’s Abby has ventured into the brick and mortar field. They previously opened up a Beer Hall in Framingham to rave reviews; a feat that helped them secure the award of “Massachusetts Manufacturer of the Year” from the Small Business Administration of MA earlier this year in May.

In case you’re wondering what connection this hands for the seemingly endless expansion occurring around North Station, consider it a precursor. The Hub on Causeway, the 1.5 million square foot project developed by Delaware North and Boston Properties, is scheduled to have its initial opening on December 1st, with an additional 50,000 square feet to be added over the next two years.

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