Boston, MA - Accolades, historic moments, and records are nothing new for the 2018 Boston Red Sox, who have quickly become one of the greatest teams in baseball history, at least, at this point in the season. But it never hurts to have a couple more pieces of hardware in the 2018 trophy case that continues to grow exponentially.

The Red Sox are absolutely on fire. They have a +213 run differential against opponents. Not one team in the National League has even reached triple digits yet! Additionally, Boston has eighty-five wins on the season and no other team has more than seventy-four. If the Sox were in any other division, they would probably have a playoff spot clinched in the next week or so. It is absolutely astounding.

Much of Boston’s success can be attributed to, well, practically every player on the team and manager Alex Cora, too! Frankly, Boston boasts such a wide array of talent that you could not pinpoint one key contributor without mentioning twenty-five more. From Cy Young candidate Chris Sale to backup catcher Blake Swihart, everyone has played their part in this historic Red Sox season, which sees the team fifty games above a .500 winning percentage for the first time since 1946, a year that only featured one of the greatest hitters of all-time, Ted Williams.

But the 2018 team might feature another one of the greatest hitters of all-time (maybe even a couple more, too), if he manages to play every week of baseball the way he played the last one. During this week, J.D. Martinez put up some of the best seven game numbers of any player during the 2018 MLB season (another one of these stretches came in May when Martinez first won Player of the Week with Boston). Martinez hit .464 with a 1.071 OPS, along with four of his thirteen hits being home runs and five of them being doubles. J.D. also drove in eleven runs.

Martinez undoubtedly deserves the honor, which was given to Ryan Zimmerman in the National League for this week. He gave Boston their third AL Player of the Week honors for the season. Martinez has two of them, but Xander Bogaerts earned the other option. Frankly, a Boston ball player should get it every week, but we won’t complain.