Foxborough, MA - Throughout the history of sports, very few cities have been able to claim that they had two professional sports teams simultaneously existing as the reigning champions in their respective. But for the second time in the past fifteen years, on the heels of a Boston Red Sox World Series title and a New England Patriots Super Bowl championship, Boston can claim that status. It's a fitting installment in the long and storied lore of the way Boston sports have completely reinvented themselves as the lovable losers to the enviable Title Town in the past seventeen years.

And, so, just as I did with the Boston Red Sox when a week passed after they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, four games to one, it's time to celebrate the week that was since time flies and seven days have already passed since the 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams for the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

Since then, a couple members of the Patriots coaching staff have left for other opportunities, namely Brian Flores, the defensive coordinator, joining the Miami Dolphins and Brendan Daly, the defensive line coach, departing to Kansas City to work with the Chiefs, but this has not dampened the celebratory feelings in Boston at all.

In Boston, no team has as many championships as the Boston Celtics, but it's hard to deny that the city has become a football and a baseball town, especially over the course of the last decade. Everything in New England is Patriots themed currently!

Additionally, apart from trips to 30 Rock, Walt Disney World, and the parade in Boston, Patriots players are still on tours throughout the country to celebrate their wins. For example, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman both got their beards shaved, the latter by Ellen DeGeneres, to generate proceeds to go to charity.

And since a week has passed, a reflection on the game can also take place. Many were quick to label it boring, but I can't escape the feeling that it was the greatest defensive game in the modern era of Super Bowls and I'm still in awe of the coaching decisions and adjustments made by Bill Belichick. The major takeaway from Super Bowl LIII is that it reaffirmed the G.O.A.T legacies of Brady and Belichick. It's hardly surprising, but it is a great addition to their resumes, especially since this might have been their unlikeliest title yet. But that's what happens when you have the best ever on your team and on your staff. It's going to be a great off-season!