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ISIS Terrorist Is Boston PD Captain’s Son; Faces 20 Years in Prison

ISIS Terrorist Is Boston PD Captain’s Son; Faces 20 Years in Prison

Boston, MA - A Boston police captain’s son is likely being prepared for a 20-year prison sentence after allegedly plotting an Islamic State-aligned terror attack on an American college.

The son of a beloved Boston police captain is to be sentenced today, September 5, 2018, in Springfield Federal Court. The man is being sentenced for an attempt to plot a terror attack in support of the Islamic State group. The man’s name is Alexander Ciccolo.

Ciccolo pleaded guilty to the terrorism charges this past May. While he pleaded guilty, he also agreed to serve 20 years behind bars as a consequence of his actions. Ciccolo pleaded guilty and accepted his sentence approximately a month before his case was scheduled to go to trial.

Prosecutors claim that Ciccolo was planning to use different weapons to attack New Mexico State University. Of these weapons were assault rifles and explosives.

Alexander Ciccolo’s father, Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo, could not let the attack happen. The police captain decided to come forward and warn the FBI of his son’s plans. According to officials, the police captain did the right thing in going to the FBI with this information, especially considering several peoples’ innocent lives were saved in the process.

According to Alexander Ciccolo’s lawyers, the man had a very troubling childhood and upbringing. Alexander struggled with several issues, most of which pertained to substance abuse.

As of now, Alexander Ciccolo is being sentenced into Springfield Federal Court. There is no mention of an early release or further court dates as of yet.