BOSTON - In many parts of the country, the first snow of the season has already transpired. States like Colorado and Minnesota get to have the powdery white precipitation contribute to the aesthetic of playing holiday music pretty early on.

Massachusetts, on the other hand, will occasionally see snow early on in the fall and winter months, but it is not necessarily a guarantee. I would say that, more often than not, we do not have a white Christmas here in the bay state. Most of the snowfall we experience piles up in January and February.

However, if you have been paying attention to the weather set for New England this week, then you might have noticed that the first snow of the season could actually be coming tomorrow!

Obviously, I'm going to take this with a grain of salt because meteorologists are far from perfect, but it is still enough to get excited about nonetheless. And besides, is it not better to be prepared for snow at all times?

According to weather reports for New England as reported by CBS, some of the higher elevation points in the region are practically guaranteed to receive snow. For those of us closer to sea level, however, many are predicting that the snow is going to pass without falling and we will instead be solely subjected to the freezing temperatures.

WCVB's Cindy Fitzgibbon remarked that snow may come late on Thursday night both north and west of Boston, but that Boston itself will likely remain snow-free, as opposed to earlier this week when the threat of snow was imminent for Friday morning.

Sarah Wroblewski of WBZ News, however, acknowledged that while snow will avoid Boston, it seems increasingly likely that any county between Hampshire and Worcester will experience roughly an inch of snow on Thursday evening.

I am probably in the minority when I say I love snow, but I can't help it. It's something so cold and yet, it always makes me feel so warm. Personally, as long as everyone stays safe and no one has to endure any sort of calamity, I will be rooting for the first snow of the season tomorrow.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons