Boston, MA - When the Boston Police Department started investigating the case of missing person Olivia Ambrose, many questions arose. They shared a solid lead when photos were released earlier today showing a male who allegedly played a role in the disappearance of Ambrose. Police asked the public to help identify the man, though Olivia was later found, alive.

Olivia Ambrose said to have been abducted on Saturday, January 19, 2019 in the area of 25 Union Street in Downtown Boston. Investigators involved put together a timeline of Ambrose’s night in and around Downtown Boston on Saturday night with the help of video surveillance. Hopes turned to reality when a combination of the released information and the help from the public they brought Ambrose home earlier tonight.

The timeline goes as follows:

11:04 P.M.: Ambrose was seen on video surveillance leaving the bar known as Hennessy’s located at 25 Union Street in Downtown Boston. Accompanying her was a white man. According to investigators, this man was not involved in the disappearance of Olivia Ambrose.

11:42 P.M.: Ambrose was seen on video surveillance being approached by two males. The two males, both unknown, seemed to invite Ambrose to walk with them in the area of Congress Street and State Street. A few minutes into the walk, one of the males starts walking ahead of Ambrose and the other male. The surveillance video then shows the male that’s on the side of her put his arm around her and leads her towards the State Street MBTA Station.

12:01 A.M.: Ambrose was seen on video surveillance exiting the Bunker Hill Community MBTA Station located in Charleston with the same man she was with before, with his arm still around her. The male that walked ahead of the two is no longer found in any other surveillance video footage.

12:13 A.M.: Ambrose was seen on video surveillance with the same male walking on Green Street towards Bartlett Street. No further video surveillance was found. According to Ambrose’s phone records, Ambrose was in the area of Bunker Hill Housing Development a little while later.